Pricing and Strategy

Econ 106P, undergraduate upper division, UCLA, Summer 2015, 2016 (syllabus).
Written Evaluations available here. Evaluation Statistics: (1) “Your overall rating of the instructor”: mean 8.27/9, median 9/9; (2) “Your overall rating for the course”: mean 8.07/9, median 8/9; from 62 responses.

Principle of Microeconomics

UCLA Extension, Spring 2015 (two sessions, syllabus).

Principle of Macroeconomics

UCLA Extension, Spring 2015 (two sessions, syllabus).


Teaching Assitant


Microeconomics I, Ph.D. Core, Econ 201A, UCLA, Fall 2015, 2016. (Evaluations: Statistics, Written)
Game Theory, MBA, Peking University, Fall 2011.

Undergraduate (UCLA)

Principle of Microeconomics (Econ 1, multiple quarters).
Intermediate Microeconomics (Econ 11, multiple quarters; Evaluations: Statistics, Written).
Microeconomic Theory (Econ 101, Winter 2015; Evaluations: Statistics, Written).
Macroeconomic Theory (Econ 102, Spring 2017).
Economics of Entrepreneurship (Econ 106E, Winter 2017).
Financial Markets: Forecasting Exchange Rate (Econ 123, Fall 2016).
Economic Institutions in Western Europe (Econ 181, Winter 2017).

Undergraduate (Peking University)

Behavioral Economics, Fall 2010, 2011.
Economics of Human Capital, Spring 2011.